Bye bye Sainsbury’s hello Lulu’s!

Now that the sand has settled and the novelty of sunbathing all day has almost worn off, it’s time to start making the most of my new found home and time!


First stop the local supermarket, long gone are the days where the only place to get your fruit and veg is the local Souk although Nizwa Souk is absolutely worth a visit, and if you get there early enough you will catch the fish market and the goat market.  For my sins and whilst I’m getting to grips with the cost of living in Oman I’m visiting the supermarket where everything is priced , besides I want to familiarise myself with costs before I start haggling at the souks.

And I’m so glad I came to Lulu’s, you would not believe the range of vegetables, fruits, spices and fresh herbs, it is a revelation, but where’s the tenderstem broccoli, asparagus, courgette…..all the things we eat on a weekly basis?!?!? Looks like it’s time to discover some new additions to my weekly shop, or dare I say I go back to the standard broccoli?!?!? Which I love to see is grown in Oman, one thing I love about the supermarkets here is that they clearly state the country of origin for all fruit and veg, which helps to explain why sometimes are more expensive that you’d find in the UK.

Inspired by the wide range of vegetables, and after bingeing on the most recent series of Masterchef The Professionals, it’s time to start experimenting in the kitchen.  And no doubt much to my husband’s delight I’ve decided we are going meat free mid-week for our dinners.

First stop Broccoli and Red Pepper Pad Thai, which was delish, and at the time of writing this, in week 1 I managed 4 veggie dishes and week 2 saw 3 veggie dishes, not a bad start considering one of the diners is a passionate carnivore!   Check out my recipe section to have a go at making this, and if you have any fab meat free dishes I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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