Exploring my new home!

Now that the cupboards are full, it’s time to explore my new found city. First stop Nizwa Fort!

You can easily spend a couple of hours walking around and exploring the history of the fort which dates back to the 17th century.  The fort has been restored over the years and now holds lots of exhibits and interesting facts and figures you can read on your way around.  If you visit in the height of summer you need to get there early as it does get a little toasty!

To get to the fort you’ll need to navigate the wonderful Nizwa Souk, personally my absolute fav part of the souk is the Date Souk, the team in there are so friendly and the dates are delicious.  They have a huge variety from Oman and across the Middle East my current obsession is the cinnamon dusted dates, they are a great alternative to chocolate especially if I fancy a sweet treat after dinner.  Not only are they yummy, but they’re a great source of fibre and minerals.  They do have a high sugar content  though so I do limit my snacking!

After all that exploring we were in need of a healthy lunch, and what better place than the Nizwa Fort Café, conveniently just outside the Fort, they serve food throughout the day and into the evening and they have the best Illy Coffee and a huge range of fruit juices.  If you’re on holiday and feeling a bit disconnected from  the world they do have free wifi, which was a godsend when we first moved out.

In keeping with my mid week meat free I opted for the Coffee Shop Salad, and I wasn’t disappointed,  it was my first time having dates in my salad, but it works!   I definitely think I’ve found my new lunch haunt!

If you ever find yourself in Oman Nizwa Fort and Souk are a must, you get a real feel for the culture and how wonderfully friendly the Omani’s are.

If you have any favourite places in Nizwa and the area let me know!

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