10 Things I Love About Living in Oman

Having been out here a little while now, I wanted to share with you my favourite things about my new found home.  There is still so much to explore but here are a few of the day to day things I love about living in Oman.

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1~ Weather

Of course number 1 is the weather! I love the sunshine and especially love waking up everyday knowing it is going to be  sunny. I am absolutely devastated on the very very rare days when it’s cloudy!  Even in the super-hot months at least the weather is consistent and there is always somewhere to find some shade or an air-conned shop to duck in to.

2  ~ BBQ’s

Gone are the days when we only BBQ between May and September on the very rare sunny day. Now we BBQ virtually every weekend, yeah sure even in the winter months out here I will grab a woolly jumper to prolong the evening sitting outside but after years of cancelled BBQ’s I love the fact that we can BBQ whenever we want. Although I cannot ever forgot one BBQ here when we had friends over and all ended up sitting under an umbrella when it absolutely poured down, true to British form we did soldier on and have a BBQ in the rain, you can take the girl out of Britain!

3~ Location

Where Oman is located it makes those far flung holidays that little bit closer having just returned from Malaysia I can’t wait to explore more of South East Asia and with the likes of the Indian Ocean so close it makes these holidays all the more accessible. Not to mention more of the Middle East it’s not a short drive but we can drive to Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a weekend break and a change of scene, perfect for a bit of glam and some shopping!!

4 ~ Pool Days

I love nothing more than packing my beach bag for a day by the pool and with so many lovely hotels in Muscat and beyond there is a swimming pool to suit everyone’s taste. Most pools offer a day pass. Personally I love the pool and gym at the Crown Plasa and the gym at the Intercontinental, if I’m feeling in need of some luxury I adore the Shangri-La (I’d recommend contacting the Shangri-La to check availability  before heading down).


5 ~ Herbs and Spices

I love cooking and never before have I seen such a wide range of herbs and spices and what makes it even more inticing is how reasonable priced they all are, curries and BBQ Marinades have never tasted so good.

6 ~ Veggie’s

There is so much choice in the supermarkets and at the local markets here, which has really helped me go meat free mid-week, I love finding and experimenting with new ingredients that you don’t come across as readily in the UK.

7~ Outfit planning

On the one hand this is absolutely one of my favourite things because it is always sunny so no need to get out the winter coat, it’s summer clothes 24/7. However I am culturally aware and respectful so save the shorts and vests for around the house and stick to maxi dresses, skinny jeans, tee-shirts and beautiful scarves when I‘m out and about.

8 ~ Laundry

Absolutely showing my age here but after spending years living in apartments with either no outdoor space or wet, damp, cold outdoor space where laundry just would not dry quickly, I now get genuinely excited about washing and drying 3 loads a day….that is until I see the ironing pile.

9 ~ Road Trips

99% of the time you do not get stuck in traffic…I am not kidding….now as a Brit the thought of going on a road trip anywhere without getting stuck in traffic is a unthinkable, in the UK I used to allow at least an extra hour if not 2 for a long drive and well….I still come out in cold sweats thinking about driving through certain cities during rush hour.

10 ~ Returning to Oman

After my travels whether back to the UK or somewhere more exotic, I love getting off the plane in Muscat into the warmth it’s comforting and you know that you won’t have to have a long rainy drive ahead of you. Also having a residents card makes getting through customs real quick nowhere near as hectic as some airports across the world, you’re through to baggage in no time ready to get back to reality.

So these are just a few of my favourite things about living in Oman, the longer we spend out here the more there is to love.  I know I’ve missed a million things and would love to hear your favourite things about living in Oman!

Ma’ salama for now!


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