What are the benefits of following a flexitarian diet?

Flourishing and Nourishing

It is impossible to miss the current trend for adopting a plant based or vegan diet, and recently I’ve started to notice that I’m becoming more and more meat adverse, and naturally making more plant based choices.  Now this could be because all I ever see on Instagram is delicious looking veggie meals……but now I’m finding that I enjoy plant based food much more than meat dishes, and although I can’t see myself cutting meat out of my diet completely I have definitely adopted a more flexitarian style diet.  But what is a flexitarian and what are the benefits of this lifestyle choice?

First things first what is a flexitarian?

a person, who eats a mainly vegetarian diet, but eats meat, fish and dairy occasionally

For once something that actually sounds simple and straight forward to adopt.  Compared with say a vegan diet which has lots of merits and works…

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