What are the benefits of following a flexitarian diet?

Lately I have found myself adopting a flexitarian diet.  But what is a flexitarian and what are the benefits of this lifestyle choice?

Healthy Snacks – You’ll want to eat!

When it comes to food prepping, and planning for the week, I've got into rhythm when it comes to the main meals of the day, but when it comes to snacking it is still a bit hit and miss.  I know that there are healthy snacks out there, that are quick and easy to prepare, … Continue reading Healthy Snacks – You’ll want to eat!

Top Foods for Going Meat Free

As you might have noticed, I am partial to a bit of vegetarian food, that is not to say I don’t eat or enjoy meat, but I have always enjoyed eating a varied diet and often pick the veggie dish when eating out…..providing it’s not just a bland token effort, vegetable pasta bake just does … Continue reading Top Foods for Going Meat Free